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With high fuel costs and driver shortages, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet availability, while complying with regulatory requirements and periodic service compliance.

Federal Compliance: Comprehensive process and alerts system to manage all government compliances and detailed workflow module for vehicle insurance and incident management.

Vehicle Service Plan: Manufacturer, Model based periodic service configuration. Standardization of asset sections, problems and activities.

Manage Service: Create Jobcard, allocate mechanics, job card planning, MRS, QC, Job card closure.

Throttle FMS Render Service Function

Spares Inventory Management: Spares Vendor, procurement, Material issue, reconditioning process, stock transfer, po, vendor payment etc.

Tyre Management: Tyre life tracking with tyre cost per km, reconditioning and scrap management

Throttle TMS Procurement Process

Open Source Solution

Scalable Architecture Frame work

Available in SAAS Model

Seamless real-time integration with GPS

Functional API for External Systems, Mobile Device Integration

Interface with Hand Held Machines, Barcode Machines, Fleet Cards

Process control and alert (configurable escalation matrix) based governance

Operational Metrics, KPI Metrics and Performance Metrics Tracking

Integrated solution catering the operations, vehicle federal compliance, vehicle service compliance, MIS and integration option with major ERP systems like SAP.

Workflow based job card process for vehicle maintenance work

Tyre Life cycle management

Tyre reconditioning workflow process

Fuel Management

Dashboard MIS

Configurable Email and SMS alerts

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By downloading this resource, you agree to our license policy

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