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Our flagship product Throttle provides end to end transportation management solutions for ambient and temperature controlled transportation.
Throttle seamlessly integrates with GPS service providers, Google maps for routing details, fuel stations, and NHAI for real-time tolldata.

We offer prebuilt specialized versions for various transportation business segments like long haul operations, secondary distributions, e-commerce logistics, parcel service and many mo re. Combining ease of use with industry-leading capabilities, Throttle enables companies to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, improve visibility and automate processes so that you can run your logistics operations more efficiently.

Customers and Contracts: Primary Contracting, Secondary Distribution (Milk Run) Contracting, Lease Contracting. Point to Point, Point to Point based on Weight and Actual KM contract configuration capabilities.

Vendors and Contracts: Leasing and On Demand Contract capabilities. Regulated approval process for price fixtures aligning to organisation tariff benchmark.

Vehicle and Trailers: Manage Trucks and Trailers. OEM cand GPS device Id, Reefer capture capabilities. Manage Own, Leased and on hired assets.

Driver management: Comprehensive Driver management module with driver past history, compensation details, vehicle embarkment and alighting details..

Integrated GPS:For live vehicle and trailer availability tracking and automated trip start & trip end data integration. SOAP API for integrating to any GPS service provider.

Routes and RCM:Google Map API based route definition for accurate distance and transit time definition. RCM facilitates real-time definition of asset type based costing for defined operational routes.

Trip Management:Customer order, trip planning, trip start, advance payment, attach / detach trailer, change vehicle, trip end, trip pod, trip closure, trip / driver settlement and customer invoicing. Empty trip, Loaded Trip and Empty Trip Merging, secondary distribution etc. FTL, LTL Consolidation with route optimisation and network optimisation capabilities

Finance Module: Regulated trip advance payments, Trip closure and Trip/Driver Settlement. Customer Invoicing and Leasing / Market Hire Vendor Bill Settlement with park and post option. Integrated finance module. Auto posting of finance entries based on operational transactions. SAP and Tally Integration ready.

Dashboard & MIS:Deviation based alerts, GUI based dashboard, On Demand Reporting with query builder and MIS Reporting.

Open Source Solution

Scalable Architecture Frame work

Available in SAAS Model

Seamless real-time integration with GPS

Functional API for External Systems, Mobile Device Integration

Interface with Hand Held Machines, Barcode Machines, Fleet Cards

Process control and alert (configurable escalation matrix) based governance

Operational Metrics, KPI Metrics and Performance Metrics Tracking and Control

Vendor Performance Tracking and Control

Organisation level tariff control for revenues, market hire charges.

Customers, Customer Contracts and Vendor, Vendor Contracts (Leasing and On Demand)

Trucks, Trailers and Driver Management

Regulated Route Cost integrated with Google Map, Fleet Mileage and NHAI Toll Data

Controlled Advance payment process

Realtime integration with GPS for operations decision on vehicle availability

Workflow based trip management process (trip planning, start, change vehicle, end, closure and driver settlement)

Driver Mobile App with digital POD

Fleet Card Integration, Vehicle, trip, customer wise profitability

Configurable Email and SMS alerts

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By downloading this resource, you agree to our license policy

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